Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Missing In Action

To anyone who actually takes the time to read my blog, I owe a sincere apology. During the summer when life was busier than normal and I was unable to write any blog post, I sort of got out of the habit of doing it. I thought about it many times, especially as I would complete a project and family and friends asked for pictures. I even added a reminder to myself to "write a blog post" on my weekly to-do list, but then just kept putting it off. So now the stars have finally aligned themselves in proper order and I'm back!

Although I haven't been reporting it, I've really been very busy and sewing almost daily. One of the things that I've done is taken the idea of the "quilt along" and used it to my advantage. On my dry-erase board, I keep a list of "Works-In-Progress" (WIPs) and assign each one a day, Monday through Friday, that I will work on them. Some of the projects are already broken down for me, but some of them I've broken down into sections to make them easier to accomplish. For example, I've been working on Judy Laquidera's "Road to Llano" quilt. She wrote it as a quilt-along a few months ago and posted steps three times a week. I'm doing one step each week (on Mondays) and I'm about halfway through. But this particular process has really helped give some definition to my time and deciding what I should be working on.

With that thought in mind, one of the projects that I have been working on this year is the "And Sew On" Block of the Month over at Quiet Play. I kept up with it all year until June. Then, for some reason, I just stopped...and stayed stopped (kind of like my blogging!) So in September I decided that I would add the "And Sew On" blocks to my weekly WIP list and it worked like a charm! I made one block each week and on Friday I completed the last one!  I had a lot of fun making it and choosing all the different fabrics to fussy cut. I like things to be realistic, and I was able to find just the right fabric depicting a scene I would love to see out my sewing window.

This is the final block--"Sewing Sanctuary"

The first week of September, I finished the block for June, "A Stitch in Time." That was where I had originally stalled, so I was relieved to get it done and then move forward.

June's Block--"A Stitch in Time"

Once I got June's block done, I was on a roll and continued to get one of the blocks made each week. Of course, they got more complicated and more time-consuming as I progressed, but I was determined to complete them. The second week saw me finishing the July block:

"Cut it Out"--July's Block

The third week's block was a bit more challenging, than the others had been and took longer to do, but I got it finished in one day.

August Block--"I Like Big Stash"

Now that all the "And Sew On" blocks are finished, the next challenge will be to come up with a way to put them all together. I'm thinking of maybe a dark green sashing but I'll have to audition a few fabrics and see how it looks. I'll be SURE to post a picture of it here when it's all done!

Not to leave Laura out, she made a pillow this summer using some of the hot air balloon fabric from our friend in New Mexico. The pillow stays in her room and sometimes even on her bed! She also finished her quilt she had been working on:

I had thought that this quilt would be great to donate to a charitable cause, but Laura had other plans:

When it was finished, she immediately took it upstairs to her room and put it on her bed! So I guess we'll have to do something else for charity!

I'm glad to be back and hope that everyone can forgive me for my absence. I'm going to try and be a better blogger from now on! And today...there's still time to Get More Done!


  1. Hey.... blogging is supposed to be fun and we do it when we have the time and desire. Once we feel like we must post, it becomes a job. Glad to see all of your projects. I have downloaded the PP sewing blocks too but haven't made one yet. I just love your sewing room and the view....sew cute! And I can see why Laura wanted to keep that sweet, bright quilt. Happy Blogging!

  2. Glad your back, I've missed the updates of yours and Laura. Laura's quilt is beautiful, I understand her wanting to keep it, looks great in her room.

  3. It's good to see you back, and that all is well. Blogging shouldn't become a chore, but something you enjoy doing. Sometimes we need a bit of a break just to recharge our batteries. I like your idea of assigning different days to different projects. I'm not at the stage of having multiple WIPs, but I do want to start a new quilt so am thinking that I could keep making the FWQ blocks on just one day each week to keep it being worked on.

  4. Blogging is supposed to be fun and when you are too busy well you are too busy. It appears that your summer was productive and fun. I don't blame Laura I think her quilt is pretty wonderful too!

  5. Hi there! Glad things are well with you. LOVE your Sewing Sanctuary block - the prettiest one I've seen. :) Good for Laura, keeping her quilt ! (And I want shoes like hers - seriously!)

  6. Welcome back! Been an up and down summer for many of us.. I love your And Sew On blocks!

  7. Good to have you back to blogging after a busy summer. Laura has excellent taste in quilts ~ it's PERFECT for her room. Her smile says it all! ((Hugs)) Ann in PA