Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bags and other Fun Stuff

Why is that most of the bag/purse/pouch patterns out there all seem to be named after girls? This week I made the Tammy bag and the Susie pouch and a couple of weeks ago I made the Belle bag for my granddaughter...and there's so many others There's nothing wrong with naming bags after girls--after all, it's usually girls who carry bags and who obsess over bags and even who make bags! Just a curious trend right now, I guess.

On that note, I thought I would present my bags of the week:

Here's my version of the Tammy bag. When I saw the one that Madame Samm made, I just fell in love! I thought it was so cute! So I bought the pattern, ordered a couple of purse frames and chose my fabrics and cut them out. Then this week I finally sewed them together. It really was a very easy to bag to make. I added ruffles below the pocket binding and cut the binding on the bias. Sewing the bag to the frame was a bit challenging, but mostly because my thread kept wanting to break!

Here's the inside of the Tammy bag. The interior pockets actually go all the way to the bottom center--see those gingham triangles at the bottom? Those are the pockets! This bag is incredibly roomy--the sides expand so it can really hold a LOT of stuff. Because of that, it's more of a challenge to keep things organized inside it. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, maybe just to store some things. But I still think it's just adorable and looks absolutely lovely just sitting on a shelf being pretty. Hey...maybe that's why bags are being given girls' names--they look so beautiful that they don't even have to be useful!

Today I spent a few hours working on this bag--the Susie pouch. What's unique about this bag are the pleats in the front and back that give you a little peek at a contrasting fabric. I used a green and yellow stripe inside my pleats. The challenge with this bag is that you have to watch a video with English subtitles to know how to make it, since the original instructions are all in German. I didn't mind that, the problem was that my internet kept quitting on me! I really wanted to have the instructions written down so I could refer to them at any time, so once the internet began functioning, I would sew along with the video and take notes on each step. That made the whole process take much longer than it normally would.

Here's the inside of the bag. It's really a cute little bag--with the emphasis on "little." I had thought I would use it as a makeup bag, but it's so small that it won't hold much (and I actually use very little makeup!) I started drafting a larger version, when I found that someone else had already done it! And she also gave instructions for adding pockets. I like this bag enough that I want to make another one, just larger.

In our SmallQuilt Group swap, my partner sent me a kit for making these potholders (in addition to the lovely quilt and other goodies she sent!) On Monday I got busy and cut out the pieces and started sewing them together. In less than an hour and a half (and many, MANY interruptions!) later, I had made both potholders (they're both exactly the same). I don't think you can really tell from the photo, but the green peppers in the center are a square of fabric underneath the others. The other 4 fabrics around the sides are actually squares that have been folded on the diagonal and then sort of woven together around the square. Then each folded edge is turned back on itself and stitched down around all sides. I think it turned out really cute and I anticipate making lots of these for Christmas presents this year. So easy and quick too!

Last week I showed the three different quilt options I had made for my granddaughter, Jennifer to choose from for her 12th birthday quilt. Saturday morning we were all at the church for another granddaughter's baptism and I showed Jennifer the quilt samples I had made. After looking them over, Jennifer chose the "Bali Sea Star" which is also my favorite (and I didn't influence her choice because it's also the most time-consuming)! Jennifer's birthday is July 15th, so I have exactly one month to get this quilt finished. I cut out many of the pieces yesterday, but I really need some more pinks and purples to give it a little more variety. I also need some more background fabric. I guess I'll just have to go shopping!

Laura did a LOT of sewing this week. She had previously made 16 blocks of the fabric line that the block on the left is made of. Then this week she made 16 more blocks using a different but coordinating line of fabrics. My plan is to have her make a twin-size quilt to donate for charity. Next week I'm going to have her start adding sashing and putting the blocks together.

We made a quick trip to our LQS where Laura picked out this kit and pattern to make a table topper. She set everything up, hoping I would help her start sewing on it! But I was ready to work on my own projects for a change and wouldn't help her, so she just went and jumped in the pool with all her clothes on! It's just a 4-foot above-ground pool and Laura can swim, so I wasn't too concerned. And fortunately we live in the country because eventually she stripped down to just her underclothing!! There's never a dull day with Laura around!

I've sewn together a couple of quilt blocks this week and planned lots more stuff. I also cut out a sewing kit that I'm really excited to make. It's been a good week and I plan to Get More Done...Next Week!


  1. Cute, cute cute stuff--love that roomy bag and Laura's blocks are so pretty. That tabletopper kit looks like fun, too..have a great week Julierose

  2. Oh my. Such cute bags. Pretty blocks, too.
    I think young Laura keeps one on their toes. Lol.