Saturday, June 29, 2013

Secret Tote Bag Swap

Laura and I (and Dad who joined us yesterday) just got back from a busy week of camping with a couple of Laura's sisters and some nieces and nephews. Laura has discovered a new love--fishing! She learned how to cast and reel in and spent HOURS doing it! She was only slightly disappointed she didn't catch anything (we actually didn't even bait her hook!), but just as with sewing, it was the PROCESS that she was enjoying!

And as usual, Laura made several new friends at the pool--it seems there are always some girls around who are just fascinated by learning to communicate with someone in sign language. And with swimming and playing in the pool, you really don't have to communicate much to have fun together!
That's Laura in the middle
Before we left, I finished the tote bag I had made for someone who wanted "anything pink or cute." Charles mailed it for me while we were gone, so I hope my swap partner has gotten it by now.

For some reason, it had never occurred to me to involve Laura in the swap too. She would have loved making a tote to send to someone and then getting one herself in the mail. The lady who made a tote for me had her daughters make and swap totes and I thought that was such a great idea. So the next time there's an opportunity to participate in something like that online that Laura can do too, I'll have her do it. I know she'll be thrilled!

Before we left, I made myself a new stitchery case. It wasn't difficult to make, although it was rather time-consuming with the piecing and quilting on the front and then having to hand-sew the lining in it.

But I love how it turned out and how deep it is--that way I can cram lots of stuff in it and nothing will fall out!

The top folds back and you can see that it's deep enough that those spools of thread can stand up inside it. It was very handy for taking to the pool and doing some applique work while watching Laura and the grandkids from the sidelines.

I'm working on my June Small Quilt group's project for this month. I'm almost done with all the leaves and stems and then I'll add the flowers. It doesn't look like much here, but I think it will be just lovely when it's done.

We had a WONDERFUL time this week while camping, but we're worn out and happy to be home again. I'm looking forward to being back in my quilting studio next week to....Get More Done!


  1. Your tote bag looks wonderful and I adore the case you made yourself. Did you follow a pattern or design it completely yourself?

    Oh and there will definitely be another tote swap coming in the fall. It would be great if Laura wants to join then, too :)

  2. Glad you all had fun! Lovely sewing kit--like the deep pockets a lot. Julierose (P.S. Bloglovin has disappeared off my inbox so, I'm not getting posts updates....aaaargh--between that and computer woes..I am not a happy camper here!!)

  3. Your tote bag is really cute and I just LOVE that stitchery case. Sure was worth the time it took to make it!

  4. Your tote bag definitely fits in with "Pink and Cute" great pictures of Laura fishing.

  5. I love the cheerful pink tote bag! And that stitchery case is so fun. Did you use a pattern? I'd love to make something like that to store all my stuff in when I'm traveling with handwork.