Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Egg Money Progress

It's been a L-O-N-G day in the quilt studio today. I've been working on Eleanor Burns' Egg Money quilt, to give my mom for her 80th birthday in March. There are 12 blocks in the version that I'm doing and I set a goal for myself to do 3 blocks each week. Last night I started the first block for this week, and I finished it today, along with 2 others. These are the blocks on my design wall.
The Double Wedding Ring is this one and it's the one I started last night. It really wasn't too difficult, using Eleanor Burns' method with the preprinted fusible interfacing. My biggest challenge was choosing a fabric to frame the block. I really wanted to use a yellow, but I didn't have any others that I liked and I've also already framed two other blocks with yellows. I'm going to a quilt shop tomorrow and I may find something different that I like better, but for now, this pink will have to do.

This is the Rocky Road to Kansas block and the big challenge with it was the set-in seams between each of the scrappy pieces. I really had to press it good to make it lay flat, but it actually turned out okay.
I'm going through the book in order and it seems that the blocks each get a bit more challenging. This is the Peony block and it wasn't HARD to do, just time-consuming. The flower stems are hand-appliqued (which I don't mind doing--I actually love hand applique, but I'm in a hurry here!) and the leaves are stuffed with batting and then topstitched.

Now I just have 3 more blocks to go, but those are on next week's agenda. I have the Modern Twist mystery quilt on my frame, ready to be quilted and there are some other projects I want to do this week. But for tonight...I'm DONE! And I'll just plan to get more done...tomorrow!

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