Monday, January 21, 2013

Projects and more Projects!

This has been a busy day in my quilt studio! Last night I finished embroidering this snowman's face and hat and then appliqued his cute little (big?) carrot nose on his face. This morning I added the framing pieces and cut the whole block to have a wonky look to it. I'm hoping to get this quilted and finished tomorrow (it's only 12x12) so I can hang it up before time to make and hang a Valentine's wall hanging!

This wasn't on my list of projects today, but I got started and just couldn't stop until it was done! Three years ago I was attending the "Bag Ladies Bee" with a bunch of wonderful ladies. We decided to do some autograph blocks and we finished and exchanged them right before I had to drop out of the quilting world for a while. Looking at the blocks and the names of my friends brings back such fond memories! I found some cute sewing-themed fabric and used it for the sashing. It's all finished now, except for the quilting, so I'll add it to my growing "to-be-quilted" pile.

The photo here looks a bit strange--this is the backing that I put together for my Easy Street quilt. It wasn't EASY finding and sewing all these pieces of fabric! There are FIVE big chunks of fabric here, which did give me an opportunity to get rid of some ugly pieces from my stash...just don't look at the back of the quilt when it's finished!

And by the way, the backing is loaded onto the quilt frame...Hooray! I'm going to pull the batting out of the dryer, pin it on and then I'm done for tonight! I'll "Get More Done...Tomorrow!"

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