Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodies in the Mail and a Small Quilt

I rarely, if ever, win anything, so you can imagine my surprise when Charlotte, from Charlottes Creations contacted me to let me know I had won a Junior Jelly Roll in her "Dare to Dresden" giveaway! Today the package came, along with a Valentines fat quarter she threw in--how fun! Here you can see the cute bright fabrics in the jelly roll (Charles thought we were getting something yummy to eat!)

Today was a bit crazy in my quilt studio. My daughter was here with HER daughter, my granddaughter, to try to teach her to sew as a home school project. Lily is only 7 years old and I suggested she make a little quilt for her American Girl-type doll. I forgot to take pictures of what she made, so I'll have to do that later. She actually did a very good job for her first time sewing.

I must have jinxed myself when I told Lily today that EVERYONE has to rip out stitches and we all make mistakes and sew the wrong sides of the fabric together. Well, I think I sewed FOUR patches with the right side out--I was ripping as much as Lily was! At least she had company for reverse sewing!

This is what I was working on. It's a Civil War Scraps Doll Quilt from Kathy Tracy's book, "The Civil War Sewing Circle." I'm participating in her Small Quilt Challenge via Yahoo Groups where we're making one small quilt a month. This is the one we're doing for February and I sewed it all together today. It's still not quilted--I don't plan to hand quilt it (too many hand projects waiting their turn right now!), so I've got to figure on how I'm going to quilt it by machine.

I was trying to use reproduction Civil War Fabrics for this and I only had a small bundle that I ordered online. The selection was quite limited so this little quilt is not quite as colorful as I would have liked. I've ordered more fabrics and hope that future quilts will be a bit more interesting. Lily was NOT impressed with my doll quilt at all--SHE prefers VERY colorful quilts!

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  1. Congrats on your win and a doll quilt will make a perfect first quilt! Seam rippers.....I always keep one handy :) Thanks for sharing.
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