Friday, February 15, 2013

Mid-Month Check-in

Fiber of All Sorts is having a mid-month check-in for those who are participating in A Lovely Year of Finishes. I committed to NINE different projects for this month, but the suggestion is to do FOUR. am I doing?

First of all, my number ONE project for the month is this Egg Money quilt I'm making for my mom's 80th birthday in March. As you can see, all the blocks are finished. I have them on my design wall, with the sashings and borders pinned up around them so I can determine if I like how it looks, and I do! I've bought the border fabrics I plan to use (the bright blue pinned up around the perimeter and the floral blue on the left edge). I'm hoping to have the entire top finished before I quit for the night. It's already 6 p.m., so we'll see how that goes. I really SHOULD make us some dinner!

My number TWO project was this Modern Twist quilt and it is completely finished. Yay!

Number THREE was this Scrappy quilt. It's also completely finished and we've been sleeping under it. Very warm, especially since I used a flannel backing!

Project number FOUR was to complete at least one embroidery piece for the March Stitch Me Up Embroidery Blog Hop. I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to make and I've transferred one of the designs, but that's really all I've done so far. I need to get busy on that one.

The number FIVE project was to finish this Martinsville Rose quilt (my name for it). I've gotten the main top sewn together, but haven't yet added borders. I was having some difficulty finding fabrics that I thought would look right for the borders and I finally stumbled on something yesterday that I think will work. I also bought the backing for this one and the Egg Money quilt, so they'll both be ready for quilting as soon as the tops are complete.

Project number SIX was to finish my Friendship Bee wall hanging. It's the very top one on this rack (my "to-be-quilted" rack). It's hanging there with the batting and backing; it's simply a matter of doing the quilting. I would probably already have done it, except that it's fairly low on my priority list until Egg Money is finished.

For my SEVENth project, I wanted to finish at least two triple-zip bags and you can see that I actually got three of them done, so that one was a major score!

Number EIGHT was to work on/catch up on the Country Charmer Quilt-Along, but I decided I wasn't too crazy about the pattern; at least, not enough to take the time to make one of them. So I dropped that project.

I threw in a NINTH project too (I must be insane!) and that was to make a February/Valentines wall hanging. It took me a couple of weeks to decide what I wanted to do and this was the result. It wasn't finished until late on Valentines' Eve--just in time for the holiday!

So those are my projects and what I've accomplished so far this month. Of the EIGHT projects I'm still committed to doing, FOUR of them are completed and I've made progress on all of the others. Not too bad, eh? But after all, this IS the "Get More Done...Today" blog!


  1. I am totally impressed with your progress! The Valentines project is really cute, and I love the little quilt hanger. Where did you find it?

  2. Do you sleep at night? You have so many finishes and they all are incredible! Martinsville is beautiful! I don't doubt that you complete more of your projects by month end.

  3. Wow,and I thought I was on a roll! You have put me to shame and it is only the middle of the month. Love all of your wonderful quilts/projects :0)

  4. Gwen, what size did you cut the squares for the Scrappy Quilt? I have a bunch already cut and wanted to see if they could be used for this quilt. Love it.