Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Triple-Zips and a Tip!

I have almost 12 grandchildren and I usually send them money for their birthdays. I'm always looking for creative ways to give it to them. My oldest grandson's birthday is this week and as I was making my first triple-zip pouches, I realized that they would make great money holders for the birthday kids! So I got busy this morning and whipped up this one for my airplane-loving grandson. The top picture is the front and the bottom one is the back.

Obviously, the pieces were fussy-cut to get those planes placed just right. But the front and backs also had to be cut separately and then sewn together at the bottom. I goofed at first and just cut the outside piece in half (with added seam allowances). But when I went to put it together I realized that the back is bigger than the front, so I had to re-cut those pieces.

The original pattern calls for an 8-inch width, but I wanted this one a bit wider to be able to hold pencils so I made it 9 inches wide. I also cut the fusible batting one inch shorter than the outside pieces. It still has that sturdy appearance the batting gives, but without all the bulk in the seams. I also cut the largest lining just 1/2-inch shorter, so it doesn't bunch up in the bottom of the pouch.

 So...with all that said, on to my tip! First of all, I have to admit that this tip is not original with me. I read it in a quilting magazine recently, but I don't remember which one. However, I tried what they suggested and found that it worked, and that's why I'm sharing it here.

I have a rotary cutter for cutting paper that's entirely different from the ones I use to cut fabric. As you can see, it's labeled, "Paper," but it makes it much easier to grab the right one since it doesn't even look the same. I save my used blades and put them in this cutter until they won't even cut paper, then I toss them.
With the triple-zip pouches I've been making lately, I've been cutting quite a bit of fusible batting and I was getting frustrated that the cut pieces would stick to my cutting mat and then leave lots of little "fuzzies" behind when I pulled them up. The tip I read said to put a piece of paper underneath the batting when you cut it. So yesterday as I was getting ready to cut more batting, I looked around my studio for a piece of paper. I didn't see any paper, but I DID see old quilt magazines. I ripped out an ad page from a magazine, laid my batting on it and cut--NO fuzzies! I was thrilled! Obviously any paper would do, but what a great way to recycle some of those old magazines that you no longer want. Try it--you'll like it!

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  1. What a neat triple zip pouch and the fabrics are perfect for a boy! I keep saying I want to make one of these and I think my grandson would love one! Great tip on cutting batting on your mat! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. You triple zip pouch looks great! Love those planes.

  3. I love this! Cool print, I like how you placed the top one.