Friday, March 1, 2013

Goals for March

I'm really big on goals and it seems like I'm always setting goals, reviewing goals, or working on goals.

Here's what my goals were for February and how I did:

  1. My mom's Egg Money quilt--completely finished
  2. Modern Twist quilt--completely finished
  3. Scrappy Bed quilt--completely finished and on my bed (we love it!)
  4. Embroidery piece for the blog hop--in progress
  5. Martinsville Rose quilt--if I had quilted it this week like I had planned, it would be done, but it's just sitting on the quilt frame, waiting for me to get to it; so it's being added to my March list
  6. Bee Block wall hanging--completely finished and hanging on the wall
  7. Triple Zip bags--I'd planned to make 2 and made 3 instead
  8. Country Charmer Quilt-Along--decided it wasn't my thing and dropped out
  9. February mini wall hanging--completely finished
The Get It Done Challenge over at Patchwork Times is supposed to be for 4 goals you want to accomplish during the month. Since I'm a notorious over-achiever, I just try to accomplish as much as I can! So for the month of March, my goals are:

1. Completely finish my Martinsville Rose quilt.

 2. Finish this black Cosmos quilt. This was a quilt featured in a Fons and Porter magazine that I bought the kit for and my daughter-in-law started putting together. But then she got a second job and now she's pregnant, so the project has come back to me. I think all the blocks are already sewn, but the top needs to be assembled and then quilted, etc. Hopefully it won't be too big of a project.

 3. This Breath of Spring wall hanging is almost done. I just need to attach the trims and put it on stretcher bars and hang it.

4. I made this needle-turn applique piece as part of a class I took at Quilt University. I'm not really even sure if I like it, but I thought I might just make it into a pillow.

5. I'm working on the embroidery piece for the Stitch Me Up blog hop later this month, so that HAS to get done!

6. Laura has sewn about 40 pairs of 2.5-inch strips together and then I matched them up with other pairs and cut them into 4-patches for her to sew together. She sewed close to 100 4-patches today before I told her I'd had enough! One of my goals for this month is to help her get a quilt top completely put together. I'm not yet sure how big it will be when we're done, but I know that Laura is more than willing to sew as many pieces as I give her! (She started giggling when I spread her 4-patches over her to take her picture!)

7. Finish my March mini wall hanging for my quilt studio. The main part of it has embroidery, which I've started, but I'm not going to work on it anymore until I'm done with my blog hop project.

8. Start my Nauvoo wall hanging. I've had the pattern for this for YEARS, and I've been collecting fabrics (it uses 15 different whites!) but I've been intimidated to actually begin. It's a paper-pieced project, so it shouldn't be too difficult once I start. I've found that often the most challenging part of any project is the decision-making (choosing fabrics, especially). Once the decisions are made, the actual execution is often a piece of cake. So we'll see how this one goes.

Those are my specific goals for the month of March. However, I would also like to start doing more free-motion quilting and get some practice with that. I've signed up for a couple of Craftsy classes and I'm looking forward to working my way through them.

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