Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekly Review

Another busy week comes to a close! I've been enjoying reading all the comments and answers to my questions from those who have been Beating the Winter Blues Blog Hopping! Once I'm done here, I'm going to sit down and respond to all those who left comments.

Now to report on how I did this week on my goals:

Civil War Doll Quilt--DONE!

This WAS the Apple Core Block, but it's turned into a bit of a disaster! Charles told me it was a good thing I didn't make a whole quilt with these blocks! I traced the edges of the block to try and get pieces that would fit for borders. It just occurred to me that what I SHOULD have traced were the seam lines--then the curves would have been smooth (or at least, smoother!) I cut out some little flower appliques to try and hide some of my mistakes, but I think this little piece is either going in the trash or maybe I'll just give it to Laura to "embroider!"

3rd Row of Winter Wonderland Round Robin--DONE!

Orphans and Scraps Mini Table Runner--DONE!

March Mini Wall Hanging--DONE!

March Lucky Stars Paper-Pieced Block--DONE!

Cosmos Quilt--top is FINISHED and ready for quilting!

Overall, I haven't done too bad this week. One major project that did NOT get done was the quilting and finishing of the Martinsville Rose quilt. You can see it peeking out from behind the Cosmos quilt on the quilt frame! They'll both be on next week's list for quilting.

Here's Laura, right outside the quilt studio (it has an exterior door) with one of the grandkids. They live right next door and had her over to spend the night last night. She was having lots of fun playing with them today while I was busy sewing. It was beautiful outside today--warm and sunny. In fact, Laura ended up with her arms and face sunburned! We never got any of her 4-patches done this week, but I'm planning to do more with her next week.

Today is the birthday of one of my grandsons and he loves music and the colors gold and orange. So today I made him this triple-zip pouch, which I'll be filling with money and some goodies and giving to him tomorrow.

For next week, I hope to accomplish the following:
  • Quilt, bind and finish the Martinsville Rose Quilt
  • Quilt, bind and finish the Cosmos Quilt
  • Finish my embroidery piece for the Blog Hop and make it into a finished project
  • Cut out and start sewing the March Small Ugly Quilt
  • Make Superman pillow or pillowcase for son-in-law
  • Make pillow from hand applique piece
  • Help Laura sew more 4-patches
  • Write blog post about the evolution of my quilt studio and some tutorial-type pieces
  • Decide on Easter/Spring wall hanging and table topper and get started on those
That should be enough to keep me busy for another week! Meanwhile, my sewing machine is cleaned, oiled, and threaded and ready to jump into action first thing on Monday. Until then, have a wonderful weekend--we'll Get More Done--next week!


  1. You certainly accomplished a lot. I wasn't quite as successful but I'll do better next week!

  2. You are busy sewing. Great quilt pictures. Beautiful picture of you daughter and grand daughter.

  3. Wow you are quite prolific! I love all of your projects, but the table runner and the March mini are my favorites.

  4. You've sure been busy! I'm still too chicken to try curved piecing, so I applaud your efforts with the apple core block.