Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekly Review

Each Saturday I try to write up a review of what I've accomplished that week and then I make plans for what I want to get done the next week. I figured since I'm blogging about quilting anyway, I'll just keep a review of my quilting successes and my plans here on the blog. With that in mind, this is what got done this week:
  • All the blocks for the Orphans and Scraps project are completed, sewn together and bordered
  • The first two rows of the Winter Wonderland Round Robin are done and pieces are cut out for the 3rd row
  • The Civil War Doll Quilt is quilted, trimmed and ready for binding
  • All of Laura's 2.5-inch strips are sewn together and 5 pairs of strips have been sewn into 4-patches (these are in addition to some she had previously done)
  • The leader/ender Dresden Plate pieces have all been pressed
  • The Apple Core block is bordered and embellished and ready to be quilted
  • Cosmos quilt rows are laid out and ready to start sewing together
  • A new ironing board cover has been made
  • The pieces are cut out and ready to sew for a paper-pieced block for March's mini-quilt

Yesterday I made the last block of my little Orphans and Scraps project. It's so tiny, but I was still able to fussy-cut a little flower for the center piece.

I woke up with a headache this morning and I did NOT need the stress of helping Laura sew more 4-patches. She was quite disappointed and kept signing, "Later!" hoping that sometime today I would let her sew. Then she spread some earlier pieces she had sewn all over the cutting table and told me she wanted to sew them together! Fortunately, she gave up after a while and went up to her room to watch t.v. But I think we'll be working on more 4-patches, come Monday!

This looks a little strange, but this is the 2nd row in the Winter Wonderland Round Robin, that I finished today.

The center section was supposed to have an embroidered snowman, but I just didn't want to take the time to embroider it, so instead I appliqued some fabric to it that had snowmen on it. It actually looks rather cute when you can see what it is! I think later I might add some embroidered snowflakes in all that white background, but this will do for now.

Here's my little Orphans and Scraps table runner. I think the blue really works well with it. I've got an idea for a different border I want to do, but I'll have to try it first.

Now that I've reported on this week's accomplishments, this is what I plan/hope to accomplish next week:

  • Add binding to Civil War Doll Quilt
  • Quilt and finish Apple Core block as a mug rug
  • Make 3rd row of Winter Wonderland quilt
  • Quilt, bind and finish Martinsville Rose quilt
  • Quilt and bind little Orphans and Scraps table runner
  • Make March mini-wall hanging
  • Help Laura sew all strip sets into 4-patches
  • Sew March Lucky Stars block
  • Start putting Cosmos quilt together
As usual, I have a rather ambitious list! Chances are, I won't get everything done on my list, but I like to have lots of ideas to choose from, in case I get bored! And frankly, most of the projects on this list are quite small, so who knows what will happen?

Now it's Saturday night--time to give my sewing machine and quilt studio a rest, along with me and Laura. Then we'll be all ready first thing Monday morning to start Getting More Done!


  1. You are so organized! Kudos. I love Laura's color choices; they will look great put together into 4-patches. Have a great rest of the weekend...Julierose

  2. What a nice line-up of projects. Love the snowmen.

  3. Looking closely I can only guess how tiny these blocks are - they look so lovely.

  4. Wow, you are rolling right along. Keeping a list of what needs to be done and checking things off is a great motivator!!

  5. That is quite a list to get done. Wow!

  6. accomplished a lot, and have a busy week ahead! Love the mini scrappy table runner!